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Are you looking at extending your current property? Do you need an additional office space in the garden at home? Are you just about to start a renovation project? Maybe you have just received planning permission on your land and are looking to start a building project?

Whatever your reason for looking for a bricklaying service you are at the right place. We specialise in bricklaying services and undertake both residential and commercial projects.

Whether you are a private customer looking to have a garden wall built or you are looking for a subcontractor for your construction project, our skilled team of bricklayers are here to help.

High quality brickwork is essential for any building and you want to be sure that the structure is solid and that your project can be finished at the highest standard. Get a quote from us today!

There are many reasons why people need additional space in their home. It could be that you have a growing family, have the opportunity to work from home or that you want to improve the space and layout of the house.

A skilled bricklayer will offer you precision and speed. We have years of experience in the construction industry so you can be sure you receive a top quality service, which is efficient and cost effective while still maintaining a high level of workmanship.

Bricklaying is a skill and it can be difficult to master. Both brickwork and blockwork require expertise, and they need to be laid by skilled hands if you want maximum durability.

If you have the opportunity, extending your property is much easier and often more cost effective than looking to move home. An extension will also add value to your property and make the most out of the available space.

House extensions are one of the most popular reasons that our clients enquire about. Extending your home will require a lot of professional work to be undertaken both internally and externally and will need a very solid structure - which is where our bricklaying team will come into play!

By far the most popular type of home extension is extending into the garden to increase the. With the popularity of large open plan living spaces, these extensions often feature large windows and bi-folding doors to maximise light.

It is important when considering a home extension that you consult an architect and we will do our best to make the design a reality.

bricklaying dublin

Bricklaying Dublin

Bricklaying is one of the essential trades of the construction industry. Every building requires professional bricklaying services as one of the first steps of its development. Our skilled team is available for your bricklaying requirements across Dublin.

As well as our residential extensions, we also provide teams of tradesmen to the construction industry to help on larger projects. Dublin continues to be an area of growth and investment. By working with us, you will ensure your project is fulfilled in a realistic timescale without affecting the quality of workmanship.

If you are looking to subcontract a team for a large scale project, we are here to meet all your requirements. We pride ourselves on effective communication and the ability to work based on your project plans with precision and speed.

With housing developments, we understand that the timescale is usually tight. We have experience in working with time constraints and making sure all aspects of bricklaying are done to a high standard.

As well as the brickwork required on the buildings, we can also build garden and property boundary walls. The quality we provide is second to none and we are well regarded for our bricklaying services across Dublin.


What type of brick do I need?

There are many different types of projects where you will require brickwork. When thinking of the work you wish to undertake, you may be wondering what type of brick do I need?

We will always be happy to advise you on the project and on what is most suitable for it, and we have also included some common answers for you to this question.

  • Structural Walls
    Structural walls such as retaining walls, or those used when extending a property are usually completed with 215mm cavity blocks. This is due to the ease of use and capacity for insulation which makes them a great cost efficient option. Hollow cavity blocks are sturdy and dense so they require little upkeep.

  • Home Extension
    For similar reasons to structural walls above, home extensions are often completed using cavity blocks. People do however sometimes choose to have an outer clay brick layer to maintain the appearance of their home.

  • Sheds
    Sheds can be built from either hollow blocks or clay bricks. The best choice will depend on a variety of factors including the use and size of the shed. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the best solution based on your plans.

  • Any Property Wall
    We advise using clay brickwork when building a front or back wall. These look more aesthetically pleasing and are easily built in different shapes and sizes. When building a front wall, customers with electric vehicles should also consider the location of their electric car chargers and whether a brick pedestal may need to be built for this.

  • Brick Planters
    Planters made from clay bricks are both effective and aesthetically pleasing. You can easily find some inspiration online and get creative with planters!

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Bricklayer Services

We can work on large projects such as new builds, commercial developments and extensions, but we also provide bricklayer services for smaller individual projects.

If you are thinking about improving your outside living space or making better use of your garden then it is likely you may require the hand of a skilled bricklayer.

Garden rooms have grown in popularity over recent years, particularly with an increase in spaces where someone can work from home. If you are looking for a space for work or play, building a garden room is a great idea.

Our bricklayers can help make any dream a reality and build a structure to your design specifications. We recommend a basic square or rectangular structure with a main large space and smaller room for a bathroom or utility room.

We can also rebuild walls, as well as make them taller. While garden walls are usually made to surround the boundary of your property, they can also be used to help section your property into different areas.

bricklayer ireland

Bricklayers in Ireland

If you have teenagers, a garden room can also be a perfect solution to allow them some greater independence when inviting friends over while still maintaining a watchful eye. Of course, if you're looking for a smaller home office space, we would suggest a simple design which includes enough windows to ensure the space gets lots of natural light.

Both options will need to be connected to mains electricity so it is important this is considered when planning the design. Again once your design is in place, our bricklaying team will work to fulfil these plans.

A patio area for drinks and entertaining can be sectioned off with a wall from the rest of the lawn. If you are looking to section your garden you could also consider the use of garden screens. People with larger gardens may choose to have different entertaining sections which take account of where the sun is at different parts of the day.

Our team can also build brick BBQs or planters for gardens. Get in touch today if you have a particular request and we will send you our best quote.

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Block Laying

Cavity blocks are often used in construction projects as they are larger than traditional clay bricks, allowing for faster progress among other key differences. If you are considering a larger extension, renovation or home improvement project you can choose between concrete blocks or traditional clay bricks.

Block laying should be done precisely and by a specialist. Hollow cavity blocks are generally used for structural walls including internal and retaining walls. They are usually rendered following a build, as opposed to clay bricks which are often left untouched.

laying bricks for extension

Bricklaying Prices

Starting from 99/m2 for laying clay bricks and 159/m2 for laying cavity blocks.

Our prices are competitive and we are available to carry out work in Dublin and nearby areas. Prices include labour and materials (bricks and mortar).

Please note that these are starting prices and your final quote will depend on the size, materials and complexity of your project. Each build is individual and we can provide a quote specific to your project if you contact us.

How much does our bricklaying service cost?

  • BricklayingFrom159/m2
  • Block LayingFrom99/m2

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